We use traditional recipes and modern technologies to produce outstanding products for consumers all around the world.
Modern approach, traditional recipes
Modern approach, traditional recipes
We use traditional recipes and modern technologies to produce outstanding products for consumers all around the world.
Our fishermen set out to sea early in the morning, so that later the fresh catch could be delivered straight to production. Having swum in the sea in the morning, at the end of the day, the fish is ready to be delivered to the other end of the world.
To provide the canning factory with high quality packaging, the Gamma-A metal production plant provides different types of packaging: round and non-round cans with EOE- and plastic transparent lids.
Having arrived at the factory, all the raw fish goes through manual selection. We use only natural smoking with alder wood cuttings from Latvian forests. Our large team prepares and hand-packs the fish, closing the cycle and handing over the products for export.
Fishing Fleet
Metal Cans Production
Fish Canning Factory
Full-cycle production company
Gamma-A Holding is a producer of canned fish based in Latvia, EU. Having started as a small local company 26 years ago, we are now exporting our products to 43 countries around the globe. Today, Gamma-A is one of the largest manufacturers of sprats in Europe.
We have put a lot of effort into organizing the production cycle which results in complete independence and full control at all stages of manufacturing. Our own fishing fleet ensures the prompt delivery of fresh fish into our canning factory, where the processed fish is packed into the cans of our production.
Delicious canned fish
of hiqgh quality
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    Smoked Sardines in olive oil - Glass jar
    Smoked Sprats in oil
    Transparent lid
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    First Steps in Canned Fish Production
    The Journey Begins
    "Riga Gold" and "Stella Maris" Registered
    "Old Riga" Registered
    Latvian Most Exported Goods
    First in Baltics Production of EOE Lids
    Sardines in Glass Jar
    Production of Transparent Lids
    Export Launch to Japan and China
    Production of Dried and Brisling Sardines
    Export Launch to Australia
    100g Glass Jar Production
    A fish processing factory is acquired and the company continues its operations as a manufacturer of canned fish.
    Gamma-A launches its production of metal cans based in Riga, Latvia. Soon after, it starts to sell canned fish of other Latvian producers.
    The most famous brand of the company - Riga Gold - begins its history; the Stella Maris trademark is registered.
    The 3rd Gamma-A trademark is registered and production begins
    In the "Made in Latvia" nomination, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards Gamma-A as the manufacturer of the most exported product.
    The company starts production of easy-to-open lids to stipulate consumer convenience.
    The company invents a new type of packaging for canned sardines with a transparent lid, which becomes a new word in the design of fish products. This type of packaging is now popular all over the world.
    The product line expands with new types of products, implying cooking without smoking.
    The next innovative type of packaging is a small glass jar. Even now, Gamma-A is one of the few producers of this type of packaging, as we have the resources and technology for manual production.
    For the first time ever, Gamma-A produces smoked sprats in a glass jar, placing the fish vertically and giving the product a brand-new look.
    The Asian consumers have highly evaluated Gamma-A products and today Japan and China are amongst the biggest importers of our smoked sprats and sardines.
    Exporting to Australia becomes a significant event for the company; from that moment Gamma-A products get available in all parts of the world.
    Latvian International Trademark of the Year
    Based on the results of public voting, our brand, Riga Gold, gets awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Latvia.
    A big step in ensuring the highest quality of our products and international recognition is the confirmation by MSC Certification.
    MSC Certification
    The acquisition of a third vessel makes it possible to significantly reduce the volume of purchased raw materials and provide for the independent production.
    New vessel in the fishing fleet
    Gamma-A Ltd.
    Warehouse (loading) and office address:
    Traleru street 30, Riga, LV-1030, Latvia

    Factory address:
    Kolka, Talsi parish, LV-3275, Latvia

    (+371) 6 7615142