Build your brand, while we create great products for you. Expand product range with high-quality canned fish produced in European Union. Just tell us what products you would like to trade and we take care of all what's rest.
We provide
Gamma-A will arrange everything that is needed to bring the products to the shelves.
There is no need to worry about the quality of the product or the necessary documents, our certified production complies with international quality standards. Take care only of selling, and we will provide high-quality products.
Certified manufacturing
We have already developed many products that are in demand in the global market. Any product from a wide range can be on the shelf with your unique brand.
Wide range of products
Got ideas? Our laboratory, together with chefs, have many years of experience in producing unique recipes that will appeal to consumers in your region.
Custom recipes
Let's give a special look to your products. Our designers will create a design that will perfectly complement your brand identity.
Design according to your request
Packaging options
Dingley rectangle can 100g
Hansa can
Round can
EOE lid
Standard lid
Peel-off plactic transparent lid
Small jar
Medium jar
Big jar
You can choose the packaging to create unique products for your range. Most of the metal cans are being made on our metal packaging factory.
Your brand is in safe hands
25+ years experience
Award-winning product
Food safety guarantees
Only natural ingredients
Expand your brand with natural and delicious canned fish
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