Metal cans produciton
Rectangular HANSA EOE -Easy Open ends
148 x 81mm
Two piece drawn rectangular HANSA cans
148 x 81 x 23mm
Two piece drawn round cans
Ø99 x 27mm; Ø99 x 37.4mm; Ø99 x 21mm
Round EOE-Easy Open ends
Ø99mm (401)
Round ends
Ø99mm (401)
Round "peel-off" ends with transparent plastic membrane
To ensure its own canned fish production, the company GAMMA-A produces the following metal packaging: two piece drawn round and non-round cans, round lids, round and non-round Easy Open lids (EOE) and round peel-off lids with transparent plastic membrane. For printed and lacquered metal packaging production will be used only scroll cut sheet material and used production lines with precise sheet feed systems, which give possibility to produce good quality packaging. Five draw can lines; one round lid line, two Easy Open End lines and one peel-off end line cover all needed metal packaging volumes for own canned fish production. To secure required quality, raw materials for metal packaging production will be purchased from leading branch manufacturer in Europe and World.